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Working at Heights Medical - £130

Under Working at Heights Regulations 2005, employees must be medically fit to work despite falls being one of the most common causes of work-related fatalities in the UK.  

We provide Safety Critical medicals with a certificate of medical fitness that comply with National Highways Supply Chain standards (Health & Safety at Work Act 1974). 

Common FAQs

1. Under which circumstances is a 'Working at Heights Medical' required? 

Working at Heights Medical is required in the following circumstances:-  

(a) If one is working above ground or floor level.

(b) If there is risk of falling from an edge or through a potential opening or fragile surface 

(c) If there is a risk of falling from ground level through an opening in a floor or a dug hole in the ground.

2. What type of workers are required to have a 'Working at Heights Medical'?

This medical is suitable for the following workers (but may not be an exhaustive list):-  

(a) Miners (b) Riggers (c) Abseilers (d) Cherry Picker Drivers (e) Tower Crane Operatives (f) Riggers (g) Miners (h) Rooftop Workers (i) Telecom Engineers (j) Scaffolders (h) Work at Height Operatives.

3. What is the difference between Critical Safety Worker Medical and the Working at Heights Medical?

The 'Working at Heights Medical' essentially involves all the processes involved in a critical safety worker medical (Safety Critical Worker Medical - £100 - Occupational Medicals - Cherries Clinic Medicals | Healthcare Private GP | Slough (cherriesmedicalclinic.co.uk) but the additional requirements involve a particular health questionnaire alluding to Working at Heights Medical protocol that must be completed plus assessment of hand grip with our dynanometer machine. Therefore, if you are unsure whether you require just a critical safety worker medical or a particular Working at Heights Medical, we would suggest checking with your employer or line manager. 

4. How long will the appointment last and when will I be given my certificate?

Given the vast majority of assessments that would need to be covered, your appointment can last up to 1 hour. Providing that the assessment has been passed, a certificate for medical fitness will be provided to you before you leave the medical clinic. 

In situations, where perhaps you haven't met the threshold for a pass (i.e. a significantly high blood pressure, concerns around sleep apnoea, abnormal lung spirometry results or poor visual assessment) then Dr Anwar will sit down and explain the next course of action as well as write any referral letters (free of charge) to your corresponding GP to action. Once it is deemed that you have met the requirements, then do contact the clinic again so that an appointment could be rebooked for issuing your medical fitness certificate (providing that you have shown evidence that requirements have now been met).   

5. What would I need to bring into the appointment?

· Photo ID (Work ID, drivers license or passport)

· A list of current medications.

· Details of any ongoing conditions.

· Prescription glasses.

6. How long would the medical be valid for?

· Age 54 and under:- 3 years.

· Aged 55 – 65:- 2 years.

· Aged 65 and over: 1 year.


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