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Safety Critical Worker Medical - £100

We are now proud to be offering critical safety medicals for workers including on construction sites or Highways England. We offer Full Safety Critical Medicals – Onsite or at Our Clinic. We are open to enquiries from companies requiring critical safety medicals for their employees. 

If you require a MEDICAL for WORKING AT HEIGHTS or CONFINED SPACE MEDICAL then please see our dedicated webpage under Occupational Health Services. 

1) Why do I need a critical safety medical?

Critical safety medicals are required to demonstrate a certain level of medical standards to ensure that you are safe enough to undertake safety critical tasks. Under the Health and Safety Work Act 1974, employers have a duty of care towards their employees or workers to prevent injury. 

2) Who requires a critical safety medical?

The following workers may require a critical safety medical:-

(a) Dumper (b) Digger (c) Slinger/Signaller/Banksman (d) Roller (e) Plant Operator (General, Crane Operator and Mobile Machine Driver) (f) Steeple Jack (g) Tunnel boring gang (h) Maritime Operative 

3) What is involved in a critical safety medical?

· Pre-health questionnaire

· Examination of vitals (Blood pressure, Heart Rate, Oxygen Saturation, Temperature, Respiratory rate)

· Musculoskeletal assessment

· Cardiovascular examination (+/- ECG depending on requirement).

· Respiratory examination including lung spirometry and peak flow assessment.

· Audiology assessment

· Urinalysis and urine drug screening check

· Skin Survey which is optional (depending on nature of job)

4) How long is my appointment?

Given the vast majority of assessments that would need to be covered, your appointment can last up to 1 hour.

5) What do I need to bring?

· Photo ID (Work ID, drivers license or passport)

· A list of current medications.

· Details of any ongoing conditions.

· Prescription glasses.

6) How long is a safety critical medical valid for?

· Age 54 and under:- 3 years.

· Aged 55 – 65:- 2 years.

· Aged 65 and over: 1 year.


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