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Occupational Medicals

Taxi/Private Hire Medical - £70

*Includes Eye Test & Medical* performed by GMC-registered General Practitioner (Private GP).

Appointment requirements:-

  • Printed or Digital Copy of Medical Records (usually compulsory for Transport for London Medicals and neighbouring councils but call us to confirm whether this is needed).
  • Opticians Prescription (Optional but recommended)
  • Passport or Driving License for Identity

Are there any additional requirements for the medical?

  • If you are diabetic and taking medication other than Metformin such as insulin, Sitagliptin, Gliclazide, Dapagliflozin (then it is advisable that you provide some blood sugar readings). In fact for some councils such as TFL, they ask that the driver be checking blood sugar readings before driving and every 2 hours whilst driving.
  • If you are diabetic and suffered from hypoglycaemia (low blood sugar), then do please discuss with Dr Anwar as depending on the severity/number of episodes this can have an impact on the fitness for the driver.  
  • If you have had a heart attack in the past (and not declared this to DVLA already), it is usually a legal requirement to have an up-to-date exercise ECG. Most of the time if this is needed the council via DVLA will get in touch with you after the medical form has been submitted. However, where the GP (Dr Anwar) has to declare fitness for the patient in this scenario for some councils, it may be that the decision has to be put down as deferred subject to adequate 9 minute Bruce Tolerance Exercise ECG test.     

Why should I choose Cherries Medical Clinic for my medical?

We have completed several hundred Taxi, PCO, Private Hire, Mini-Cab and Chauffeur Medicals for multiple councils (see full list below). Unlike other companies, you will receive a personalised service from Dr Anwar and should there be any concerns around not passing medical, you will be guided every step of the way to ensure you meet pass standards with personalised WhatsApp communication and direct number of the doctor. Dr Anwar has a very good understanding of council requirements and also assists with extra information particularly required from councils like TFL for diabetic or heart patients. 

Which taxi councils have you been approved for?

  • Transport for London (TfL)  
  • Slough Borough Council 
  • Windsor & Taxi Maidenhead Council 
  • Buckinghamshire Council 
  • Oxford City Council 
  • South Oxfordshire Council 
  • St Helens Council
  • Wolverhampton Badge Council 
  • Oldham Council 
  • Reading Council 
  • Woking Council 
  • Guildford Council
  • Camberley Council 
  • Rushmore Council 
  • Cornwall Councl 
  • Cambridge Council 
  • Swindon Council

What happens if I don't pass the medical? 

Whilst the majority of drivers >90% would usually pass the medical first time; there can be situations when one can fail the medical. The most common reasons tend to be an elevated blood pressure (beyond the BP 180/100mmHg standard) or failing visual eye standards according to DVLA Group 2 standards. Should this occur, then don't panic as most of the time this can be easily corrected by either having a further up-to-date eye test with an opticians or investing in a blood pressure machine to check home BP readings and making contact with your own GP to consider any BP medication or change in diet/lifestyle advice. You will have Dr Anwar's direct number who will be available to guide and answer any of your questions at any stage of the process before bringing you back for completion of the rest of the medical form. 


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