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Skydiving Medical Certificate (Solo or Tandem)

If you are intending to SkyDive (whether this is solo or tandem in a group) you would require a medical to ensure that you are safe enough to make the jump. Here at Cherries Clinic Medicals we can help with this.

For Solo Jumps:- Medical Form 115d required.

For Tandem Jumps:- Medical Form 115b required

You would require a medical certificate especially for the following conditions that are mentioned:-

(a) Hypertension. 

(b) Heart Disease

(c) Lung Disease such as Asthma or COPD. 

(d) Epilepsy/Seizures. 

(e) Diabetes Mellitus. 

(f) Recurrent blackouts. 

(g) A neurological condition such as brain tumour, hydrocephalus, multiple sclerosis or demyelinating disorders. 

(h) Previous significant head injury. 

(i) Mental Illness +/- Substance Misuse

The above list isn't exhaustive but if you have a condition that can render your jump to be a risk, then we would advise you to liaise with us here at Cherries Clinic Medicals. 

At the time of appointment, please remember to bring the following:-

(a) A digital or physical copy of your GP records i.e. Patient Access, NHS App or a physical summary record. 

(b) Medication List (if any).

(c) Photo ID in the form of passport or driving license. 

(d) Glasses/Contacts if worn.

(e) Medical Form 115b (Tandem) or Medical Form 115d (Solo) depending on the type of jump that you would be doing. 

(f) Last Medical Certificate - if applicable. 

What can I expect at the time of appointment?

The Skydive Medical would consist of completion of medical questionnaire and a formal assessment of your previous COVID status, blood pressure check, peripheral oxygen levels, assessment of your heart and your lungs as well as a formal Ear, Nose and Throat Examination.


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