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Medicolegal/Miscellaneous Services

Medicolegal Services for Lawyers, Barrister & Home Office

Dr Anwar is an accredited MEDCO Specialist who is able to provide medicolegal reports for patients who have unfortunately been a victim of a road traffic accident collision resulting in low trauma soft tissue whiplash injury as well as other bodily injury. Dr Anwar has till date provided approximately 40 medicolegal reports since starting medicolegal work towards the tail end of 2021 and therefore has plenty of experience in this field. We aim to provide all medicolegal reports as soon as possible. Our aim is to provide a stress-free solution to your claim settlement with minimal hassle.

Dr Anwar is approachable directly as a 'Direct Medical Expert' (DME) - this means that you can select him as your medicolegal doctor yourself. All you would need to do is approach your solicitor or insurer to select him from the MEDCO panel of DME experts. 

See some of our examples below as to the types of forms and reports completed:- 

· Barrister Medical Reports (e.g. drink driving cases, occupational medical reports).

· Low Claim MEDCO Reports (e.g. for road traffic accidents mainly).

· WAIVER-KOLL Medical Reports for Life in UK Language Test.

· Supporting Medical Application for UK VISA Residency.

· Mental Capacity Assessment for Power of Attorney/Legal Documents.

Our Fees are variable dependent on service being provided and range from £80 - £500 per report. We have successfully completed over 50 reports for clients.

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