SCUBA Diving PADI Medical Certificate - £80

*Guaranteed best price in the UK!* 

We can guarantee that our price is the cheapest in town and our medicals are very comprehensive (most SCUBA Dive Medicals are well above £100!!) If you are intending to SCUBA Dive for the first time or have an existing medical condition, then you would require a SCUBA PADI Dive Medical.

What does the appointment involve?

  • Completion of pre-health medical questionnaire (including previous COVID-19 history). 
  • Vital observation check (including oxygen saturations, temperature, heart rate, BP & respiratory rate). 
  • Examination of the heart and the lungs. 
  • Formal Ear, Nose and Throat Examination.

                         Please bring your Photo ID, PADI SCUBA Dive Form, your glasses prescription and a list of any medications that you take. 


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