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We specialise in FOUR main types of SERVICES:- (a) Occupational Medicals (b) Recreational Medicals (c) Medicolegal Reports (d) Miscellaneous Medicals. 

See our full list of services below. You can make your selection with preferred booking date & time by going to the services in the 'Choose Medical' Section. 

If there is a particular medical that you require which isn't yet listed on our website, please drop your enquiry in the enquiry form below and Dr Anwar will be sure to respond the same day. Likewise you can drop a WhatsApp message directly to the doctor and he will respond back.

Occupational Medicals

  • Taxi/Private Hire Medicals 
  • HGV/LGV/PCV/Bus Medicals 
  • C1 Ambulance Medicals 
  • Critical Safety Medicals 
  • Fitness to Work Certificate
  • Seafarer ML5 Medicals 
  • Airside Medicals
  • Non-Licensed Asbestos Medicals

Recreational Medicals

  • SCUBA Dive PADI Medicals 
  • Motorsport Medical +/- ECG option.
  • Summer Camp/Camp America Medical 
  • Marathon Medicals 
  • Jockey Horse Race Medicals 
  • VISA Medicals 
  • Fit-to-Fly Pregnancy Medical 
  • SkyDive Medical 

Miscellaneous/Medicolegal Medicals

  • CORAM-BAAF Adoption Medical
  • CORAM-BAAF Fostering Medical
  • Mental Capacity Assessment
  • MEDCO Low Claim Accident Reports
  • Insurance Medical Reports
  • Barrister Medicolegal Reports
  • WAIVER-KOLL Medical Form

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